Financial Technology Forum

Innovation in Payments —Wednesday, May 22, 2019




09:30 – 10:15

Innovation in Payments
This session will cover the latest technology developments and innovations in digital payments, including the emergence of digital/mobile wallets and their seemingly endless potential use.
Focal questions will include: what are the perspectives and insights from traditional banks in regards to digital finance solutions? And what are the respective impacts and challenges ahead?

Morning Forum: chaired by Andrew ScottCEO, Inside Asian GamingModerated by Francis Chan, Senior Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence
Hannah Hui,
 Vice President, Partnership and Business Development – Financial Services at HKT
Sam Lang, International Expansion at Origami
Vey-Sern Ling, Senior Analyst – Internet at Bloomberg Intelligence
Wally Wong, Chief Commercial Officer, Fusion

10:15 – 11:00

Finance Security
Building Trust in a Trustless Ecosystem
In view of all the new innovations and technologies developed specifically for financial markets, what are the challenges for potential security breaches?
How can the industry improve on finance and data security, KYC, AML & CFT measures and controls?
Additional topics will include RegTech solutions and GDPR challenges for start-ups.

Moderated by Earle Hall, President & Chief Executive Officer at Axes Network
Robert Miller,
 Regional Compliance Manager at OCRA Worldwide
Roland Yau, Managing Partner at Cocoon Ignite Ventures
Yun Ouyang, Chief Executive Officer at Goldlinks

11:00 – 11:10

Tea Break


11:10 – 11:40

Finance Keynote
Transnational criminal organizations are masters at exploiting and utilizing gaming, and other financial institutions, to launder their illicit proceeds, distribute drugs and even perpetrate human trafficking. In this keynote we will identify the hallmarks of financial crime and risk, typologies used to identify the activities of transnational criminal groups, and best practices (including the application of emerging technologies) for the gaming industry to mitigate this risk. This panel will include financial institution, gaming, and law enforcement perspectives areas for private and public sector cooperation.  The role and use of technology in detection and mitigation efforts.

Benjamin Floyd, Senior Vice President, Corporate AML Officer at Caesars Entertainment Corporation
Debra Geister, Financial Crime Strategy and Industry Consultant at NICE Actimize

11:40 – 12:30

Gaming & Technology
This session comprises a wide range of ideas from various gaming segments on gaming industry innovations and their respective regulatory challenges.
Panelists will take a closer look into Asia’s online gaming future, as well as the potential expansion of skill-based gaming.

Moderated by Albert Yu, Chief Operating Officer at Alphaslot
Bryan Wu,
 Co-Founder at Bitwork Asia
Geaspar Byrne, Asia Consultant at Lottoland Solutions
Georg Washington, Chief Executive Officer at Synergy Blue
Glenn Wichinsky, Adjunct Professor of Law, Gaming Law and Regulation at University of the Pacific – McGeorge School of Law
Robert Dijkstra, Vice President Business Development and Sales – Asia Pacific at Novomatic

12:30 – 13:30

Networking Luncheon


13:30 – 14:15

Blockchain Keynote
The Value of Blockchain
The Most Promising Applications
Current Installations and Challenges
Cautions and Roadblocks

Afternoon Forum:chaired by Kelly Leung ,VP of International Business – iClick Interactive Asia
Earle Hall, President & Chief Executive Officer at Axes Network

14:15 – 14:50

Blockchain & Gaming
This session will provide an in-depth discussion of how to increase the entertainment value of games in traditional land-based casinos, including the application of successful concepts from mobile/social games and eSports, and inclusion of newer technologies such as Blockchain.

Moderated by Wayne Hu, Chief Marketing Officer at Alphaslot
Joji Kokuryo,
 Managing Director at Bay City Ventures
Jose Alvares, Partner at CA Lawyers
Lam Iao, Managing Director, Game Source
Ron Segev, Partner at Segev LLP
Samson Li, Co-Founder/Chief Marketing Officer at Matrix Global

14:50 – 15:20

Responsible Gaming Keynote
Implementation of responsible gaming practices through the Responsible Gaming Ambassador program

Winnie Wong, Chief Responsible Gaming Officer/ Vice President of Special Gaming Projects at Sands China Ltd.

15:20 – 15:30

Tea Break


15:30 – 16:00

Operator & Technology Keynote

Avery Palos, Chief Information Officer, Melco Resorts & Entertainment

16:00 – 16:40

Academic & Technology Keynote
Technological innovations and the impact to the industry

Moderated by Professor Joseph Chan, Programme Lead, Business Design and Innovation, The University of Hong Kong
Doctor Cong Wang, Deputy Director of Decentralized Trust Computation Research Centre, City University of Hong Kong
Doctor Man Ho Au, Assistant Professor, Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
William Genovese, Vice President, Corporate Strategy Planning – Banking, Financial Services and IT Services Solutions at Huawei

16:40 – 17:00

Blockchain Problem and Solutions
Everything you need to know about Blockchain – What problem is it solving? How it is resolving it? And what are the future potential applications?

Raymond Chan, Chief Executive Officer at Alphaslot